Apu Cardigan

Apu Cardigan


Apu means the spirit of the mountain in Quechua. When you wear this cardi, you will feel the strength and wisdom of the mountains.
This Baby Alpaca cardigan is a lightweight yet super warm piece. It features two pockets and can be worn over any outfit. Hand-knitted in Peru, it will keep you warm throughout winter

One Size fits S/M (size 8/10)

Colour: WHITE

Our ethical knitwear is sourced responsibly, we support and preserve traditional weaving techniques from Andes of Peru. Each unique piece merges traditional functionality with style and raw beauty

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All Alpaca knitwear should be hand-washed with soft liquid detergent (or shampoo) in cold water. Soak it for a few minutes and wash it gently. Do not twist or scrub. Rinse and squeeze gently. Dry flat on top of a towel (to help absorption) away from direct heat or sunlight. Read more about Alpaca care
If you look after your Alpaca knitwear, it can last a lifetime, but be careful of moths or other insects. Fold it, do not hang it otherwise it can stretch. Store in a fabric bag during the warm season.