Alpaca "Suri" in the highlands in Puno, Peru. Photo by Enrique Castro-Mendivil


The Alpaca

is one of the four South American camelids that inhabit the Andes and are native to this area. These beautiful iconic creatures are raised with respect and equality being the primary source of livelihood for many rural communities.
The Incas referred to Alpaca fleece as “the fiber of the gods” and due to its luxurious softness it was reserved solely for the royalty of the empire. Properties including superior softness, warmth and its lightweight make it more versatile than merino wool and mohair, whilst being stronger than sheep wool and maintaining these attributes for generations! Further, Alpaca hypoallergenic make-up does not contain lanolin oil, which generated by sheep causing multiple allergic reactions. Alpaca has a diverse natural colour gradient, which spans 22 naturally occurring colours and tones, ranging in spectrum from white to black.


Alpaca is a fully sustainable raw material; with each animal producing multiple fleeces throughout its lifetime without being harmed, providing you with a timeless portion of luxury with minimal impact. Producing these garments consume very little or none energy. With proper care for your garment, it can be worn for years reducing the demand of a new products being produced and reducing your overall environmental footprint. We only support and purchase Alpaca fiber that has been obtained in a responsible way without harming the animal.

Hand-spun alpaca yarn made by traditional weavers in Peru. Our garments are hand-made all the way by Peruvian artisans.