Suri Shawl

Suri Shawl


This shawl has been hand-knitted in the Peruvian high-plateau and it is a timeless piece.
This amazingly soft, light and warm shawl feature little pom-poms and has been hand-knitted in Suri Alpaca, a breed of Alpaca. This shawl merges traditional and functionality

The Alpaca is a native South- American camelid that has been traditionally domesticated for over 6,000 years. Read more about Alpacas here.

SIZE: ONE SIZE / 2mt long

Colour: White

Our ethical knitwear is sourced responsibly, we support and preserve traditional weaving techniques from Andes of Peru. Read more about the artisans who made this garment

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All Alpaca knitwear should be hand-washed with soft liquid detergent (or shampoo) in cold water. Soak it for a few minutes and wash it gently. Do not twist or scrub. Rinse and squeeze gently. Dry flat on top of a towel (to help absorption) away from direct heat or sunlight. Read more about Alpaca care.

If you look after your Alpaca knitwear, it can last a lifetime, but be careful of moths or other insects. Fold it, do not hang it otherwise it can stretch. Store in a fabric bag during the warm season.